Ars Dogmatica

Pierre Legendre

The Cabinet of Imaginary Laws

The Cabinet of Imaginary Laws

Edited by Peter Goodrich and Thanos Zartaloudis

Series: Discourses of Law

Returning to the map of the island of utopia, this book provides a contemporary, inventive, addition to the long history of legal fictions and juristic phantasms. Aimed at an intellectual audience disgruntled with the negativity of critique and the narrowness of the disciplines, this book will appeal especially to theorists, literati, lawyers, scholars and a general public concerned with the future of decaying laws and an increasingly derelict legal system.


TABLE OF CONTENTS: Prelude. 1. Ley Lines: The Imaginary Origins of the Common Law. 2. ‘A Quiet and Secret Place’ – An Enquiry on the Dreamer God, a God Without a Name. 3. Borges, The Keystone and the Legal Imagination. 4. A Triptych of Lawlessness. 5. When Dragons Did Rise. 6. Doctorum agnomina: On the Satirical Laws of Academia. 7. The Corbels Act. 8. Report to the Treasurer of Injustice. 9. Ennomie. 10. Twelve Theses on the Exorbitant Principle that a Lawyer Must Work for the Poor. 11. Intha Gnalamum Poy Thaano – Imagining the Other in Contract. 12. Ad Vitam Aeternam: a Legal Text That Remains Relevant. 13. In Nomine Patris. 14. It is Forbidden to Sell Your Soul to the Devil. 15. The Court of Monuments. 16. Lexicon Act 2020. 17. Carrier Bag Law. 18. An Act for the Installing of Circles. 19. Kαὶ μηδὲν μόριον ἀποκεκρύφθαι: The Bare Life of the Stoic Sage. 20. Move over, Felix: Addressing the impact of the domestic cat. 21. The Proof of Judicial Omniscience Act (UK). 22. The Rule Book of a Dreamer. 23. Freedom as Critique. 24. Breathing Law. 25. Untitled. Unreliable. Unconfirmed. 26. Legal Fictions: a Dialogue Imagining Law. 27. COIL. 28. Waiting for Law: A Play In One Act. 29. The Protocol of Mobile Rooms. 30. Law No. 9321/2028 – Exceptional Regulations for Communal Living and Use on the Ground of Higher Order Natural Sites. 31. A Confidential Private Placement Memorandum. 32. The Statute of Snouts: An Act for the Elongation of Noses. 33. Science and Scholarship Restoration Act. 34. Constitutional Exhaustion.

Juin 2021: 248 pp - 4 illustrations - ROUTLEDGE - TAYLOR FRANCIS GROUP

L’oeuvre d’art figurant sur la couverture est de Aristide Antonas, auteur aussi d’une contribution à ce livre.


Solennel, l’oiseau magique préside à nos écrits.
Le paon étale ses plumes qui font miroir à son ombre.
Mais c’est de l’homme qu’il s’agit :
il porte son image, et il ne le sait pas.

« Sous le mot Analecta,
j’offre des miettes qu’il m’est fort utile
de rassembler afin de préciser
sur quelques points ma réflexion. »
Pierre Legendre

« Chacun des textes du présent tableau et ses illustrations
a été édité dans le livre, Le visage de la main »

Ars Dogmatica